Month: February 2013

Water: A Complex and Precious Resource

“We never know the worth of water, ‘til the well is dry.” Thomas Fuller, English Proverb, 1732. In managing the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS), we invest across nine clean technology themes.  A key GEOS theme is water, which is a complex and precious resource.  Water is localized, with its presence a critical catalyst to rates of economic growth. ... Read more ›

Will 2013 be the Year of Biofuel?

Since the initial public offerings of the first tranche of second generation biofuel companies in the spring of 2010, the performance of the stocks has been staggeringly poor.  The five higher-profile biofuel companies (Codexis, Amyris, Gevo, Solazyme and KiOR) that went public over a 14-month span from April 2010 have experienced stock price declines averaging nearly -74%.  In addition, at... Read more ›