Month: May 2015

The Essex Exchange, 1st Quarter 2015

A few weeks ago, the current bull market reached the elderly age of six years since the financial crisis of 2008 and ensuing panic-induced selling created a market bottom on March 9, 2009. Since this nadir, the S&P 500 Index has appreciated more than 200%, leading to much angst, analysis, debate and prognostication with many calling for a necessary end... Read more ›

First Quarter 2015 GEOS Review – Ginormous Catalysts

We created the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) because we view the intersection of economic development and natural resource depletion as an enormous global opportunity for investors. GEOS invests opportunistically in technologies that can abate associated environmental degradation stemming from, in the words of my 16 year-old son, “ginormous” global changes or catalysts. These changes are all inter-related, from... Read more ›