Month: July 2015

Re-Defining the Energy Sector

The world is facing an energy paradox: countries need enormous amounts of energy to support economic growth, even as this growth threatens the health of their people and planet. Addressing this energy paradox, and averting an environmental catastrophe, will require producing more energy while releasing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As such, the energy problem facing the world today... Read more ›

The Essex Exchange – Q2 2015: Active Management Poised for a Comeback in a “Stock-Pickers” Market

  Active Management Poised for a Comeback in a “Stock-Pickers” Market  As the chart below shows, there has been a huge influx of cash flows into passively managed vehicles and away from actively managed funds. And the media has not let the public forget that in general, passively managed funds have outperformed the actively managed ones at a lower fee.... Read more ›