Month: April 2017

The Essex Exchange – First Quarter 2017: What Will it Take for Active Management to Return to Favor?

BlackRock stunned the world of active management at the end of the first quarter when it announced that it was reducing investment staff and moving strategies to the quantitative side of the business. Although the numbers were relatively small, 5 out of 53 stock pickers and $6B out of $201B (Bloomberg), investment managers wondered if this was the moment that... Read more ›

Disruptive Tech Does Not Care Who is in Washington

We invest the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) to capture what we believe to be a long-term, sustainable and exploitable mega-trend, the need to continue to harness global economic growth while deploying fewer resources. GEOS invests across nine environmental themes encompassing technologies and services that are benefiting from the dynamic transition to clean energy and technology. The catalysts for... Read more ›