Month: April 2018

Where Does Technology Go Next?

Should we worry about the predominance of technology in the benchmarks? The technology sector was 39% of the Russell 1000 Growth at the end of March 2018 versus only 9% of the Russell 1000 Value. However, despite the strong performance of technology in general and the dominance of the FAANG themes in many growth investors’ portfolios, we believe that there... Read more ›

The Essex GEOS Clean Slate Issue 5

The Essex GEOS Clean Slate Essex GEOS | Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy How impactful is your portfolio? A bi-weekly synopsis of articles and blogs on new technologies, recent developments and other items of interest in the clean tech and new energy arena. This newsletter is intended to provide food for thought and is not intended in any way as an... Read more ›

Q1 2018 Essex Exchange

While equities continue to be the best performing asset class over time, our current market view is balanced on an emphasis on stock selection and downside protection. We are still in the 2nd longest bull market since World War II but the market has shown some renewed volatility...... Read on Here Read more ›