Month: October 2018

Essex GEOS: Clean Tech Solutions at this point in the Cycle

Essex GEOS: Clean Tech Solutions at this point in the Cycle As we have listened to quarterly corporate earnings calls for the second quarter, followed by meetings with many management teams over the course of the third quarter, one oft-repeated theme expressed is rising input costs, whether labor, freight, materials or components. Company management teams are also experiencing some commodity... Read more ›

The Essex GEOS Clean Slate 9

The Essex GEOS Clean Slate Essex GEOS | Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy How impactful is your portfolio? A bi-weekly synopsis of articles and blogs on new technologies, recent developments and other items of interest in the clean tech and new energy arena. This newsletter is intended to provide food for thought and is not intended in any way as an... Read more ›

Q3 2018 Essex Exchange

The third quarter of 2018 has witnessed the achievement of a number of meaningful milestones in our economy and the capital markets. In late August, the current bull market in US stocks officially became the longest on record at 3,543 days without a market correction greater than 20%. Further, the US economic recovery is approaching the longest on record, surpassed... Read more ›