Month: April 2020

GEOS April 2020 Outlook

GEOS: Our Current Outlook April, 2020 We are amidst unprecedented times. The COVID-19 outbreak has indeed affected economic growth for the near-term in unprecedented fashion, and will undoubtedly cause continued dislocations from social to economic. While the sudden degree of the collapse in all aspects, from social to economic is extreme, and will lead to multitudes of changes, we believe... Read more ›

Why Stock Buybacks Could Re-Emerge

Essex CO-CEO Nancy Prial was quoted in an ai-CIO article on how once frowned upon stock buybacks could be viewed as a positive as coronavirus continues to affect businesses across the globe . To view the video in its entirety please click here *Please note: subscription required to view this link*       Please find important disclosures here Read more ›

Small Companies and Small Cap Stocks in Times of Economic Distress

For those of us with decades of experience investing in the small and micro-cap end of the investible equity world, it feels like we are living in the epicenter of the markets’ turmoil. Small cap stocks have witnessed the perfect storm as investors have chosen to shelter in larger, well-recognized brand name companies with perceived safety and thus shunned stocks... Read more ›

Q1 2020 – Essex Exchange

Opportunity Among the Rubble! A few short weeks ago, the stock market was hitting new highs, the U.S. economy was gaining steam and Donald Trump seemed to be destined for a relatively easy victory in the autumn’s Presidential election. It would be a gross understatement to say that things have changed a bit; the landscape today resembles nothing like the... Read more ›