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Nancy Prial on Fox Business on Small Caps in the Current Market Environment

Essex’s own Nancy Prial was featured this week on Fox Business’s Countdown to the Closing with host Liz Claman, which airs from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM daily. She discussed Small Caps in the current market environment, while also diving into a few stocks enjoying success despite the economic slowdown.   Please click here to view her appearance: Read more ›

CityWire – Boutique of the Week

Inside Essex Investment Management... The firm was founded by current chairman and chief investment officer Joe McNay in 1976. 'Joe has had a long career identifying dynamic growth trends early, and that continues to this day,' said co-chief executive officer and senior portfolio manager Nancy Prial. Prial joined the firm in 2005 when the firm she was working for....... Click... Read more ›

Wall Street Transcript – September 2018

Nancy Prial discusses Essex Investment Management Company, LLC. Ms. Prial specializes in the identification of growth. She looks for growth wherever it exists, in any industry. Ms. Prial wants to identify a stock when its price does not fully reflect its future growth prospects. Some of the areas she is currently finding growth include life sciences, infrastructure rebuilding and technology...... Read more ›

Where Does Technology Go Next?

Should we worry about the predominance of technology in the benchmarks? The technology sector was 39% of the Russell 1000 Growth at the end of March 2018 versus only 9% of the Russell 1000 Value. However, despite the strong performance of technology in general and the dominance of the FAANG themes in many growth investors’ portfolios, we believe that there... Read more ›

Q3 2017 Essex Exchange

The third quarter of 2017 was an eventful one for both the stock market and for Essex Investment Management. The market continued to make new highs, with the S&P 500 Index posting a 4.0% return for the quarter (12.5% year to date). Stocks have moved higher based on continued economic growth in the U.S. coupled with a recovery in economic... Read more ›

The Essex Exchange – First Quarter 2017: What Will it Take for Active Management to Return to Favor?

BlackRock stunned the world of active management at the end of the first quarter when it announced that it was reducing investment staff and moving strategies to the quantitative side of the business. Although the numbers were relatively small, 5 out of 53 stock pickers and $6B out of $201B (Bloomberg), investment managers wondered if this was the moment that... Read more ›