The Essex GEOS Clean Slate Issue 1

The Essex GEOS Clean Slate Essex GEOS | Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy How impactful is your portfolio? A bi-weekly synopsis of articles and blogs on new technologies, recent developments and other items of interest in the clean tech and new energy arena. This newsletter is intended to provide food for thought and is not intended in any way as an... Read more ›

Q4 2017 Essex Exchange

Here we are into the ninth year of a very favorable equity market environment which happens to be the second longest bull market in history. Unfortunately the longest, which ended in 2000, coincided with the end of the dot com era and we all re-member what followed! This naturally raises questions and concerns over where we go from here... Read... Read more ›

Q3 2017 Essex Exchange

The third quarter of 2017 was an eventful one for both the stock market and for Essex Investment Management. The market continued to make new highs, with the S&P 500 Index posting a 4.0% return for the quarter (12.5% year to date). Stocks have moved higher based on continued economic growth in the U.S. coupled with a recovery in economic... Read more ›

EVs Climbing the (Model) S-Curve

Electric vehicles are a disruptive force that we believe will create massive change (and opportunity) in the auto industry over the next decade.  The success of Tesla (at least from a product perspective, if not yet a financial one) is the key catalyst that has triggered the electric vehicle revolution.  The fact that Tesla has received more than 400,000 reservations... Read more ›

Oil Spills

As I was researching the prospects of building a clean tech fund in 2005, I recall looking at Exxon's stock price, versus the Exxon Valdez oil spill. I wanted to see if the most negative environmental event ever (oil, beyond Bhopal) could move a stock price. It did not. While this most significant environmental disaster in history had little effect... Read more ›

Seizing Opportunities

We manage the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) to harness many inter-related mega-trends, based on economic and environmental stresses. China is a very good example. As the country continues to mature, domestic consumption rises, and contributes more to GDP, as basic manufacturing and related exporting gives way to more a more service and technology-led economy. Do not under-estimate China... Read more ›

The Essex Exchange – First Quarter 2017: What Will it Take for Active Management to Return to Favor?

BlackRock stunned the world of active management at the end of the first quarter when it announced that it was reducing investment staff and moving strategies to the quantitative side of the business. Although the numbers were relatively small, 5 out of 53 stock pickers and $6B out of $201B (Bloomberg), investment managers wondered if this was the moment that... Read more ›

Disruptive Tech Does Not Care Who is in Washington

We invest the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) to capture what we believe to be a long-term, sustainable and exploitable mega-trend, the need to continue to harness global economic growth while deploying fewer resources. GEOS invests across nine environmental themes encompassing technologies and services that are benefiting from the dynamic transition to clean energy and technology. The catalysts for... Read more ›

The Essex Exchange – Fourth Quarter 2016: The Impact of CHANGE

Now that we are through one of the most divisive elections, with the two most disliked candidates in our history, it may be intrusive to reflect on what effects these types of events have had in the past. Although not as devastating as a war or depression it is well to remember that while not pleasant, America has been able... Read more ›