GEOS Q2 2014 Quarterly Review- 5 Points at 5 Years

June 30, 2014 marks the five-year track record for the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS). Our first five years reflect the consistent execution of the GEOS investment philosophy and process, represented by a concentrated portfolio of about 35 stocks held with high conviction across the nine GEOS themes. As with any maturing industry, the past five years have exhibited... Read more ›

Q1 2014 GEOS Quarterly Review – Our Solution

After speaking with investors over the course of the quarter from family offices, foundations and endowments as well as registered investment advisors, the oft-expressed challenge is where to invest for growth today. Conversations centered on how to allocate to growth in light of anticipated inflationary pressures, as well as current equity market valuations. There were also multiple questions regarding possible... Read more ›

GEOS, A Solution For Impact Investors

Solar Power is Rising, not Setting Solar Power is Rising, not Setting The Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) invests globally, in listed-equity securities providing clean technologies. GEOS invests across nine environmental themes, in companies enabling natural resource optimization, lessening dependence on fossil fuels, and providing energy efficiency solutions. A key GEOS theme is renewable energy, where we are currently... Read more ›

Capitalists are Storming the Gates

While talking to investors, a good chunk of our time has always been dedicated to dispelling a number of clean tech myths that continue to keep prospects from embracing the clean energy megatrend.  Chief among these myths is the belief that renewable energy projects are only made possible by massive government subsidy schemes or by environmentalists that are seeking social... Read more ›

The Fourth Quarter 2013 GEOS Review – Less is More

2013 was an important year for the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS):  Essex has successfully completed our first year as an employee-owned firm, asset inflows to GEOS are accelerating, and we are excited to welcome our first institutional GEOS client.  From an investment perspective, 2013 was a year of validation for the clean tech arena. A key tenet of... Read more ›

Energy’s Center of Gravity

Energy’s Center of Gravity After seeing the riveting movie Gravity this past weekend, I was taken by a certain quote in today’s just-released World Energy Outlook 2013 from the International Energy Agency (IEA): “The centre of gravity of energy demand is switching decisively to the emerging economies, particularly China, India and the Middle East, which drive global energy use one-third higher.”... Read more ›

GEOS Update Q3 2013 Beyond Intrigue

Third Quarter 2013 GEOS Review – Beyond Intrigue The roots of the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) go back prior to our joining Essex Investment Management. In 2005, while at State Street Global Advisors, we determined that there were multiple and sustainable catalysts allowing for long-term, dynamic growth of the clean technology sector. The NASA photo above, “The World... Read more ›

GEOS Focus Theme Report on Efficient Transport

Transportation is a key function of global commerce, and is the largest demand sector for energy per the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). In the U.S., 28% of energy supply is used by the transport sector, which consumes 72% of all petroleum supply sources according to the EIA. The transportation sector is vast, extending from passenger cars to commercial fleet... Read more ›

Clean Tech – Trends Moving Past Inflection Point

Our Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) investment philosophy is rooted in a long term perspective with an investment horizon meaningfully beyond the brief attention span of today’s average investor.  The secular trends we are positioned for with GEOS, and have been articulating over the past several years are reflected in the strong performance for clean technology stocks this year. ... Read more ›