Re-Defining the Energy Sector

The world is facing an energy paradox: countries need enormous amounts of energy to support economic growth, even as this growth threatens the health of their people and planet. Addressing this energy paradox, and averting an environmental catastrophe, will require producing more energy while releasing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As such, the energy problem facing the world today is no longer where to find energy sources, but how to power society as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Although global energy consumption is already transitioning toward less carbon-intensive sources like natural gas and renewables, truly solving this energy challenge calls for a complete transformation of how we produce, distribute and consume energy. In this white paper, we re-define the energy sector as those companies facilitating the development of this clean, efficient, flexible energy system. We believe that investing in clean technologies that are accelerating this energy transformation offers an enormous investment opportunity, while failing to do so adds risk by reducing portfolio diversification. The Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) captures the energy transformation by identifying these clean technologies, and GEOS deepens energy exposure more than fossil fuel investments alone.

Please click to access the full white paper : Re-Defining the Energy Sector.pdf