Our investment philosophy is based on the early identification of growth, wherever growth exists.

Since our founding in 1976, we have remained firmly committed to a consistent investment philosophy.

Our ultimate mission is to provide our clients with long-term investment returns consistently above their respective benchmarks.

Latest Insights

November 13th, 2019

Clean Tech to Lead the Way?

TD Ameritrade Network recently hosted Essex Senior Portfolio Manager Bill Page, on their Morning Trade Live segment. Bill discussed his view on the Clean Tech... Read more ›
October 30th, 2019

Nancy Prial Optimistic for a Rally – Wall Street Journal

Essex’s Nancy Prial was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, regarding her outlook for the market and the U.S economy. To read more on... Read more ›
October 25th, 2019

Why Water Investing Could Make a Splash

Bill Page was recently interviewed by Bloomberg for his views of how investing in water could lead to growth opportunities. Below is an excerpt from... Read more ›

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