Our investment philosophy is based on the early identification of growth, wherever growth exists.

Since our founding in 1976, we have remained firmly committed to a consistent investment philosophy.

Essex Investment Management is an independent, employee-owned institutional investment firm that incorporates environmental sustainability and social factors into our portfolio management process. We believe the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors of a company can determine investment differentiation and opportunities as well as uncover risks. We believe that innovative solutions will solve the world’s critical challenges.

ESG Philosophy Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Latest Insights

November 15th, 2023

Essex’s Nancy Prial on Evaluating Small Cap Growth Managers

For financial advisors seeking to maximize investment returns, evaluating investment managers, especially small cap growth managers demand a longer-term perspective to be truly meaningful. Short-term...Read... Read more ›
November 15th, 2023

Essex’s Nancy Prial on the Small Cap vs Large Cap Valuation Disparity

In the current investment environment, it is rare to go more than a few days without reading or hearing about the significant current valuation differential... Read more ›
November 13th, 2023

November 2023 GEOS Update

    Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) November 2023 Update     Equity market volatility continued in the month of October 2023, with expanding... Read more ›

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In the background of each portfolio is a team of research analysts providing a steady flow of ideas.

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