June 2023 GEOS Update



Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) June 2023 Update


The tug of war between inflation and recession continued its reflection on the equity markets in May 2023 albeit to a lesser extent. Market returns were led by mega-cap tech stocks, and, interestingly, the most leveraged companies in the small cap arena.

Climate change is one example of an environmental problem creating a multitude of investment opportunities. Decarbonizing the global economy is difficult, with emissions by economic sector showcased in the figure below. Since each sector contributes to global emissions, scaled solutions are needed to decarbonize the economy over the next several decades. Within electricity and heat production, GEOS invests in companies providing microinverters, electrical balance of system (EBOS) solutions, smart grid infrastructure, wind blades, battery storage, wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs), and heat pumps. These are just a subset of investment opportunities available to decarbonize electricity and heat production, the largest source of global emissions. Additional investment opportunities, which include precision agriculture, crop biologicals, green hydrogen, electric vehicle components, lithium, rare earth materials, factory and warehouse automation, and biofuels, are available in sectors generating the other 75% of global emissions.


Water access is another example of a critical environmental problem creating investment opportunities. Water is an essential resource for all aspects of society, with added importance for human consumption, agriculture, and industrial processes. Yet, due to drought and overconsumption, the quantity of available freshwater is diminishing, despite a growing global population with increasing water requirements. Furthermore, the quality of existing water resources is deteriorating due to pollution from microplastics, PFAS, fertilizers, antibiotics, and other contaminants. We see intriguing investment opportunities in companies offering innovative water treatment and filtration technologies, energy recovery devices for desalination plants, and other solutions that help improve the quality of existing water resources and expand access to additional water sources.

The GEOS team scrutinizes the most pressing environmental challenges globally to generate investment ideas, understanding that companies providing environmental solutions will benefit as sustainability continues to rise on the global agenda. Climate change, biodiversity loss, water access, and other environmental problems are inherently long-term issues with no silver bullet solutions. Therefore, companies deploying impactful, clean technology solutions can seize upon a multi-decade growth opportunity to boost revenue and earnings. In recent years, investors have started paying more attention to investment opportunities associated with environmental solutions, particularly decarbonization. However, the market still fails to grasp the long-term opportunity for environmental solutions, creating opportunities for fundamental investors. With a track record of investing in environmental solutions since GEOS’ inception in 2009, we believe investors should consider adding GEOS to their portfolios to gain exposure to a generational growth opportunity.

We have strong conviction in the GEOS power technology theme. The International Energy Agency released a report in May that a record $1.7 trillion will be invested in a variety of clean technologies this year, compared to $1 trillion in fossil fuel infrastructure. Clean energy spending is set to grow over 20% in 2023 versus 15% for fossil fuels. Distributed forms of energy are increasingly more economic as they limit commodity exposure, and isolate increasing electric utility bills, which increased last year 13% – the largest increase since the US Energy Information Administration began tracking the metric in 1984. The problem now is there is more renewable energy trying to connect to our US grid than all current electricity capacity. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory there is over 2 terawatts of generation and storage capacity active in queues, more than the approximate 1,250 gigawatts of current generation capacity. As of the end of 2022, more than 10,200 projects were seeking grid interconnection across the US, from battery storage to solar and wind projects. The majority of the queues are in Texas, Arizona, California and the plains states. Unfortunately, the duration of queues has been increasing, with the request duration now over three years, given permitting issues and the complexity of larger renewables projects. A major current problem is shortages, from hardware for the grid to labor. The companies across the GEOS power technology theme are positioned to enhance our electrical grid, and lower complexities given the abundance of new technologies “plugging in”, from battery storage to EV charging and solar arrays. GEOS holdings in the power technology theme allow electric utilities to see the new and digitized electron, meet labor shortages, and deliver electricity to customers amidst this new and disrupted grid. Gone are the days coal plants deliver electricity in one direction with 100-year-old technology. We believe the new, clean and flexible grid is the most dynamic and long-standing GEOS theme.






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