Month: January 2024

Giving Cleantech a Bad Name

  Giving Cleantech a Bad Name   We are cringing following the latest announced capital raise by Plug Power, Inc.  Although we are not investors in Plug Power, the company frustrates us nonetheless as it highlights the type of corporate behavior that hurts the cleantech investment case.  If you are unfamiliar with the Plug Power story, consider yourself lucky that... Read more ›

January GEOS 2024 Update

    Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) January 2024 Update     For the quarter and the year, GEOS significantly outperformed the secondary benchmark, the Wilderhill Clean Energy Index, as has been consistent with our track record during times of volatility amidst the clean tech sector. GEOS underperformed the primary MSCI World Index for the year, given significant headwinds... Read more ›