GEOS May 2020 Review and Outlook

GEOS Review and Outlook, May 2020   The global equity market has exhibited tremendous perseverance amidst a multitude of strife, from economic, to political and civil. At this writing, while our world fights the COVID pandemic, we are amidst civil unrest in the U.S. while the economy wrestles with critically-high levels of unemployment. While we too question the equity market... Read more ›

Covid-19: The Great Accelerator

COVID-19: The Great Accelerator June, 2020   As we begin to emerge from the economic lockdown and confront the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, a few things have become clear to us.  The impact of COVID-19 has been massive:  unemployment rates not seen in our lifetimes, unprecedented levels of government stimulus and a huge decline in GDP growth are just... Read more ›

GEOS April 2020 Outlook

GEOS: Our Current Outlook April, 2020 We are amidst unprecedented times. The COVID-19 outbreak has indeed affected economic growth for the near-term in unprecedented fashion, and will undoubtedly cause continued dislocations from social to economic. While the sudden degree of the collapse in all aspects, from social to economic is extreme, and will lead to multitudes of changes, we believe... Read more ›