Nancy Prial on Fox Business on Small Caps in the Current Market Environment

Essex’s own Nancy Prial was featured this week on Fox Business’s Countdown to the Closing with host Liz Claman, which airs from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM daily. She discussed Small Caps in the current market environment, while also diving into a few stocks enjoying success despite the economic slowdown.   Please click here to view her appearance: Read more ›

Q3 2019 Essex Exchange

Don’t fight the Fed! We have all heard this adage each time the Fed embarks on an easing cycle and yet, each time, the market goes through a period of time when it doubts that the Fed will in fact be able to stimulate economic growth. How many times have we heard that the Fed is pushing on a string,... Read more ›

Rob Uek on the Rapidly Changing Landscape of the Electric Utility Industry

Essex Co-CEO and Senior Portfolio Manager Rob Uek recently had an article on his view of the energy storage trend, with behind the meter devices featured on Renewable Energy World. Rob touches on the rapid cost deduction and adaption of home energy storage and who he sees as the beneficiaries. To read more on his thoughts on the rapidly changing... Read more ›

Bill Page featured on Bloomberg Radio

Bill Page, Senior Portfolio Manager of the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) was interviewed last week on Bloomberg Radio, to discuss and state the case for clean tech investing. To listen to the segment, please scroll to 27:30:   Read more ›

Bill Page featured in Collaboration Capital Climate Investing Roundtable

Last month, Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) portfolio manager Bill Page was featured in a Climate Investing Roundtable hosted by Essex GEOS client Collaboration Capital. The goal of the Roundtable was to state the case for moving the needle on climate solutions. GEOS invests in the technologies that are solving the world’s environmental challenges, and solves six important U.N.... Read more ›

Q2 2019 Essex Exchange

Many market prognosticators have labelled this Bull market as the “Central Bankers’ Bubble.” Certainly, after years of Quantitative Easing, it is fascinating to see the world’s Central Banks backpedaling into accommodative policies after only a few fleeting moments of tightening. But what does that really mean? Look at Japan, after years of buying Japanese ETFs, the Bank of Japan now... Read more ›

Clean Tech Disruption—Transforming The Grid

Senior Portfolio Manager Bill Page of the Essex GEOS Strategy, recently had an article featuring ideas on disrupting the aging electrical grid published in FA Magazine’s Private Wealth section. "We frequently describe clean tech as being transformative or disruptive because it generally saves money, while improving the quality of life with enhanced environmental benefits. By offering cheaper, more efficient solutions, clean tech... Read more ›

Buybacks & ETFs: The Passive Bubble

Perusing my charts over the weekend, it dawned on me that two current market phenomena are coming to a head →Buybacks & ETFs. Both are very prominent trends that have created a powerful feedback loop which I believe has a myriad of implications for the current market structure. So, let’s dive in! Historically, stock buybacks were shunned because firms feared... Read more ›