Re-Defining the Energy Sector

The world is facing an energy paradox: countries need enormous amounts of energy to support economic growth, even as this growth threatens the health of their people and planet. Addressing this energy paradox, and averting an environmental catastrophe, will require producing more energy while releasing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As such, the energy problem facing the world today... Read more ›

The Essex Exchange – Q2 2015: Active Management Poised for a Comeback in a “Stock-Pickers” Market

  Active Management Poised for a Comeback in a “Stock-Pickers” Market  As the chart below shows, there has been a huge influx of cash flows into passively managed vehicles and away from actively managed funds. And the media has not let the public forget that in general, passively managed funds have outperformed the actively managed ones at a lower fee.... Read more ›

The Essex Exchange, 1st Quarter 2015

A few weeks ago, the current bull market reached the elderly age of six years since the financial crisis of 2008 and ensuing panic-induced selling created a market bottom on March 9, 2009. Since this nadir, the S&P 500 Index has appreciated more than 200%, leading to much angst, analysis, debate and prognostication with many calling for a necessary end... Read more ›

First Quarter 2015 GEOS Review – Ginormous Catalysts

We created the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) because we view the intersection of economic development and natural resource depletion as an enormous global opportunity for investors. GEOS invests opportunistically in technologies that can abate associated environmental degradation stemming from, in the words of my 16 year-old son, “ginormous” global changes or catalysts. These changes are all inter-related, from... Read more ›

The Essex Exchange, 4th Quarter 2014

Many people with whom I’ve talked recently have been puzzled and skeptical of the rise in the stock market in view of the continuing, unsettling negative news that surrounds us. In the face of these macro events such as the threat of ISIS, Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, the failure of the Arab spring and the ongoing crises in the Mid... Read more ›

Solar Power is Rising, Not Setting

The Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS) invests globally, in listed-equity securities providing clean technologies. GEOS invests across nine environmental themes, in companies enabling natural resource optimization, lessening dependence on fossil fuels, and providing energy efficiency solutions. A key GEOS theme is renewable energy, where we are currently invested in solar power technology companies, primarily solar panel producers, and solar... Read more ›

Third Quarter 2014 GEOS Review – Emphasis on Nexus

During the third quarter of 2014, global equity market returns were driven by the U.S., and the “largest of the large” market capitalization stocks in particular, with the S&P 500 Index returning 1.1%. In contrast, small-cap equities underperformed, with the Russell 2000 Index posting a -7.4% return amidst the “de-risking” environment. With investor concerns regarding declines in EU economic footing... Read more ›

GEOS Q2 2014 Quarterly Review- 5 Points at 5 Years

June 30, 2014 marks the five-year track record for the Essex Global Environmental Opportunities Strategy (GEOS). Our first five years reflect the consistent execution of the GEOS investment philosophy and process, represented by a concentrated portfolio of about 35 stocks held with high conviction across the nine GEOS themes. As with any maturing industry, the past five years have exhibited... Read more ›

Q1 2014 GEOS Quarterly Review – Our Solution

After speaking with investors over the course of the quarter from family offices, foundations and endowments as well as registered investment advisors, the oft-expressed challenge is where to invest for growth today. Conversations centered on how to allocate to growth in light of anticipated inflationary pressures, as well as current equity market valuations. There were also multiple questions regarding possible... Read more ›